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Gerhardhot-28722 04-18-2010 10:53 PM

Adult Theater
Two years ago, I was so horny at night and I decide to go into a adult theatre in Munich, near main station. In the first floor is for gays. I only weard a t-shirt, shorst and flip-flops, because it was a hot summer.In this part are two little cinemas, where some people were watching gay-sex-films. I was taken a seat in the middle, but one film was going to end an all men were going away from these part of the adult theatre. I was so hot and so I was slipping down my flip-flops and my shorts and after that, my t-shirt. I was totally nude in the cinema. My cock was very hard. I spread my legs.
One men came in, saw me and and was comming to me in the middle of my legs. He begins to suck my dick. A another man was came to me and touching and kissing me.
More men where comming and a on the other side, a men was touching me to!
The two men beside me suck my dick too. It was soooo great.
My greatest cumshot!!!
After these, I was going very quick, but happy.:D

oshimaida-29078 04-25-2010 03:19 AM

u dress the same as me love to go the gay theater here in tampa sometimes i take my shirt off and cruise nude and always get laid

bottomboy-25181 07-31-2010 05:34 AM

porn theater
it's friday july 30 2010 it's 1:30 am. just got out of shoer and took my butt plug out of my ass after 2 hrs. i'm going to go out to a 24 hr porn video theater that has glory hole's warm out so i'll wear shorts,tank top,and loafers and NO underwear.i'm a size queen so the butt plug stretches me nicely and since i also use big toys up my ass i'll be able to take about a 10 or 11 in cock.i'll get in a booth,lock the door and strip completely nude and wait for a big cock to go in the adjoining booth.when one CUMS in and i like it i'll stick my finger thru the hole so he'll know i want it.if i like it enuf i'll see if he'll fuck me,most do.i'll be there a cpl hrs and go crazy with COCK and CUM in me,yum.:D

Tatur-69905 11-16-2012 05:32 AM

It is exciting cruising in theaters, they are like dark rooms with big screen, men standing waiting for a sign to follow, getting horny with what the lousy screen displays but more than all with what is going on around them. These places are scented in sweat and cum. Big eyes watching, black walls, expectant silence, game of insinuations, smoke and lust. I love the atmosphere. In certain ways they are better than baths, dirtier and fucking vulgar in their own way. They are not elaborated, exhibicionist and raw far from the elegance of the good saunas for men, but offering a more casual an rushed encounter, clothes still on, very animal-like.

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