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a Gay Men > Gay stories > Sex stories > Caught in the act  [ View all hothorny9inches stories [M] ]
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By hothorny9inches
Profile rating : 1, Votes : 3

Caught in the act Rating : 6.8, Votes : 55 6 reviews.

Sons best friend catches me with my pants down...
Category : Sex
Posted : 12-May-2009
Tags : blowjob, gay oral, masturbation, jerk off, anal sex, gay anal

It was a hot day and I was working in the yard in just my shorts raking up leaves. I am always looking for an excuse to masterbate ,so I looked around and nobody was around so I started rubbing myself and decided to lay down in the leaves and took my dick out and started slowly strocking it. I was getting into it and decided to push my shorts down and enjoy my dick.

I was getting into it starting to build up to cumming when I heard a gasp and saw my sons best friend standing there watching me . I noticed he was gently rubbing his own dick in his shorts as he stood there. As I gasped myself I asked how long he was standing there? He said not long and asked if I did this a lot.I didint quite know what to do so I just kept slowly sroking my dick.

We both just looked at each other for about a minute when I finally got up and gently put my hand on his crotch and gave it a squeeze and asked if he was going to tell anybody, I said I would give him a blow job if he wouldnt tell. To just keep it among just us 2. He gave a little wimper as I began to strock his cock thru his shorts.He said he never did anything with a guy before but curious to try if i wouldnt hurt him. I slid down to my knees and slowly pulled his shorts down. I gently pushed his thighs open and started to lick up to his balls and slowly licked all around his ball sack as he moaned his dick started to get nice and hard.

As I licked up his dick he let out another moan and said that it felt so good as I slowly slid my mouth around his 7 1/2 dick. As I continued to suck this horny boy cock he put his hands on my head as he felt me suck him deep in to my mouth.I could feel his balls start to quiver so I stopped and said I wanted him to try to do that to me. He said he didnt want to as he never sucked a guy before, but I told him just to try it this one time and if he didnt like it he wouldnt have to suck me again, but if he liked it and sucked me off I would let him fuck me in my ass. As I laid down on my back he came up between my legs and took my cock in his soft hands and began to stroke me up and down.

I became very horny as he began rubbing my dick faster. he slowly took my dick in his lips and started to lick like a popcicle. Around and around the head he went sending me into moaning fit , oh god it felt so good his warm soft lips going up and down on me. He kept licking up and down then sucking it up and down as far as he could take it in his mouth. It seemed like eternity when I said I was going to cum and I wanted him to swallow my cum as I came in his mouth. He kept sucking me and sucking me as I tried to hold on as I felt my balls tighten I knew I was about to blow my load in his mouth, I told him I couldnt hold on any longer as he sucked me faster and faster up and down up down, oh my god hear I cum ohh god hear I cum.

I felt my balls explode as I shot my cum into this boys mouth as he kept sucking me.First the first expolsion then another then another, oh my my hips just started pumping up nad down as I tried to fuck his mouth with my dick, I grabbed his head and fucked his mouth in and out giving one last load of cum down his throat. As I lay back gasping for air he slowly stopped sucking me and squeezed it in his mouth like he was sucking on a shake or soda. I spasmed and spasmed as he let my dick slip from his mouth. He came up between my legs and lifted them so my ankels were on his shoulders and said well I get to fuck you now.

I looked down between my legs and saw his dick hard as a rock poking me in my ass hole.My mind was racing thinking oh man this kid is going to fuck me right now, what if someone comes looking for us, oh god how would we explain being naked with his dick up my ass.Oh my god as I felt him slowly push his dick into my ass. Oh danny I said I dont think we should do this right now.H e looked down and said fuck you its my turn and pushed his dick all the way in my ass.He slid his hands up to my ankels and held them above amy head and spread them open and started to fuck me slow and steady.

Oh my I could feel his dick fucking me in my ass. He stared to go faster and faster as he started to pound my ass in and out over and over. I could feel and hear him as he fucked me deep up my ass.He couldnt stop fucking in and out when he said he was going to cum in my ass. I moaned oh fuck me fuck me fuck hard ,faster ,harder oh god my ass was having a fucking orgasm as he fucked me deep then I felt it explode in my ass 1,2,3,4 squirts as he came up my ass. He kept fucking me he wouldnt stop just kept saying fuck you fuck you fuck you ,over and over as he shoved his cock deep in my ass.

Finally exhausted he slowed to a stop and slowly slid his dick out of my ass and came up to my mouth and shoved his dick in my mouth and said suck me bitch.I could taste his cum and my ass at the same time oh my what sweet tasting cum.Then we heard something and we turned just as his sister came around the corner to see him rolling off me naked.

She saw us naked our dicks gleeming hanging down , she said whats going on but before we could answer, she said I want to play too...........

thats another story..........

Rating : 6.8, Votes : 55 6 reviews.
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Posted by Jesse at 27-May-2009 06:54. [profile]
Wow - that was hot! You should really continue that and do more stories.

Posted by bob at 3-Jun-2009 15:55.
hot hot hot wish it would happen to me

Posted by CuriousCockLover at 20-Dec-2010 18:03. [profile]

Posted by uncokequose at 29-Dec-2011 23:48.

Posted by Patricia at 13-Sep-2012 11:21.
Xo damn hot...such a turn on...i lyk it rough

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