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a Gay Men > Gay stories > Sex stories > My Boss  [ View all HornyHunk101 stories [M] ]
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By HornyHunk101
Profile rating : 6, Votes : 2

My Boss Rating : 6.69, Votes : 29 2 reviews.

I have a hot boss. Everytime he passes by me I get hard. I wanted to fuck his ass and have him spew cum all over the place. This was my lucky day...
Category : Sex
Posted : 02-May-2011
Tags : boss, cum, sperm, ass, fuck, fucking, oral, blowjob, oral sex, office

I have a hot boss who I always dream about and think about when jacking off. I always get a hard on when he says something to me in his low sexy voice or when he passes by me and smiles. I wanted to see him naked then suck his cock and fuck his big daddy ass.

One day I was sitting at my desk. I was secretly looking at nude photos of hot men. My boss came out of his office. I quickly logged off and pulled my shirt down to hide my hard junk.( I was wearing a black jacket with blank pans, belt, and a pink buttoned down shirt with a blue tie).

My boss came over and stood over my wall ( He was wearing a dark blue jacket, a white buttoned down shirt, blue tie, blue jeans, and a nice leather belt).

He smiled at me and told me to see him in his office. Confused I followed him in. I sat down and he said " Mike I noticed that you are working hard and your very fast on the computer, you help all the others with their problems, and you always make the custormers want to come back. I would like to make you my second in command". I was shocked and excited. sure Mr. Edwards I said. Great" he shouted How bout we go grab some dinner at Chilis? he said. I knew this could be my chance. I told him yes and we left for dinner.

We got to the restaurant. We sat down and he ordered us some beers and we talked. I pretened to listen as I watched his lips move wanting to stick my cock up in there. We had are food and my boss had had a few beers. He was pretty fucked up. I paid for the meal and I decided to take him back to his house.

I drove him home and grabbed his keys and opened his front door. ( He lived alone after a divorce). I shoved him into his bed and that was very tiring. He fell asleep with his suit on. I was tired and I apperently fell asleep too.

I woke up with my boss still asleep fully clothed and I was still in my suit. I guess I passed out in his bed. My boss woke up and asked where he was. I told him the whole story. Well I am sorry for my troubling and thank you for taking care of me"" he said. I smiled. "I wish I could give you something in return he said.

This was my chaance. I could get a chance to see him hard and horny. Well"" I said slowly. " There is one thing I would like in return" I said smirking. What is it? He asked. You! I said and I grabbed his cock tight.

What the fuck are you doing?! He screamed. "Oh sir I have wanted you and your cockfor sooo long"" I said rubbing to his cock. Hell no.." . He softly said. I made him hard and he seemed to be enjoying my company.

You like that? I asked. " Oh yeah" he groaned. I was hard and stripped down naked then got on top of him and ripped of his shirt and tie. I sucked his nipples and kissed his neck. He jumped and yelled give it to daddy! I went lower and lower until his belt was touching my nose. I took off his pants and he was lying there naked, hard, horny, and I was on top. How fucking great is this? I thought.

I sucked his cock and I felt it pulse in my mouth. i looked up and he was making the hotteset sex face I had ever seen. " Shove it down your throat bitch!" He screamed and he pushed his cock all the way down my throat.

I went up and down his ody several times then he said. " If you fuck me hard, then I will give you a huge bonus for your promotion." I rolled him over and slowly shoved my cock in his tight ass. OW! ,OH that hurts." He moaned. Deeper you little fuck. He demanded. I shoved it in as far as I could. I fucked faster and then more faster. He was kicking and screaming as I went deeper with every push.

His ass was warm and deep. I felt my cum getting closer to the tip of my dick. I shouted "I am going to cum! He rolled over quickly and he opened his mouth just as I started to cum. It all went in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. He then quickly came on his bed while licking my cum off his lips.

He thanked me as he got into the shower and I dressed and left. My boss gave me that bonus and now has me come into his office for a Private Meeting". I hope you have cummed whilereading this. Now I have to go. My boss needs to seeme privately for the third time today

Rating : 6.69, Votes : 29 2 reviews.
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Posted by jones at 3-Jun-2011 23:16.

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