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a Gay Men > Gay stories > Travel stories > Fucked at the truck stop  [ View all Al_Me stories [M] ]
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By Al_Me
Profile rating : 7.56, Votes : 204

Al_Me gay sex story : Fucked at the truck stop Trade pics!
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Fucked at the truck stop Rating : 6.93, Votes : 45 7 reviews.

A long drive has a hot intermission when a horny young man gets picked up by a trucker at a rest stop...
Category : Travel
Posted : 16-February-2008
Tags : suck, blowjob, ass, anal sex, boy, trucker

Author : Christopher Pierce

I had lots of adventures on my cross-country move from Los Angeles to Sparkling Springs, Florida. This is one of them...

With one hand on my crotch and the other on the steering wheel I drove through the night. A breeze blew in through my car's open windows, whispering through my hair and soothing my skin, which was hot from a long sweaty day on the road.

But no breeze could cool the heat between my legs, a heat that was growing stronger with every passing moment. I felt myself through the thin fabric of my shorts, loving the sensation of my cock growing stiff beneath my fingers. It stretched to its full length until it strained against my shorts.

I glanced down and saw a small wet spot at the tip of my dick where a drop of pre-cum had oozed out through the fabric. I rubbed my erect penis from its base to its full bulbous head, savoring the extra friction achieved by the layer of cloth between it and my hand. It felt great, but fondling myself while I drove was not going to tame the fire in my crotch. The road stretched out ahead of me, the broken lines that cut it in half down the middle streaking together into a glowing smear of yellow. My car's headlights illuminated the terrain ahead, despite the fact that there was nothing to see.

Barren, featureless land surrounded me. Every fifty miles or so there might be a town, so small I was through it and out the other side in five minutes. They all looked the same.

I needed to rest. And get my rocks off.

A sign appeared on the horizon. When it was close enough I read its message: ''TRUCK STOP - NEXT EXIT''. That sounded good. I could park in a dark corner, jerk myself off, then sleep for a few hours.

I pulled my car off at the next off-ramp and followed the signs to the truck stop. It was in a wooded area, a large flat parking lot with a big restroom building and a small 24-hour convenient store at one end. In front of the store were parked a few semi-trucks, the kind whose drivers drove all night and slept in their cabs. Other than the trucks there were no other cars.

I pulled my car up in front of the restroom, realizing that it had been several hours since I'd pissed. My bladder was full and needed to be emptied, now.

But how was I going to piss with this massive hard-on? I stopped my car and got out. I walked awkwardly up to the building and through its door. The restroom was big, with lots of stalls. I headed for the long piss-trough against the wall. I pulled my shorts down and my cock popped out, hard as a board.

I closed my eyes and willed it to go down.

Relax, I said to myself, I gotta piss. After a few minutes my dick was soft enough to pee, and with a happy sigh I released my bladder and let my urine flow freely.

When I was done I realized my eyes were still closed. I stuffed my cock back in my shorts, opened my eyes and turned around.

I wasn't alone.

Against the back wall, leaning casually with his arms folded, was a man. He was older than me, probably in his mid-thirties, and dressed like a working man - flannel shirt, dirty jeans and hiking boots. His jaw was darkened with several days' growth of beard. An old baseball cap was perched on his head.

He was grinning at me. ''Hey,'' I said, trying to cover my surprise. ''Hey yourself,'' he said. ''I didn't know anyone was watching,'' I said. ''Yeah,'' the man nodded, ''I didn't expect to find anyone in here this late either. I just came in here to piss.''

I couldn't stop my eyes from dropping from his face to his crotch. The denim there was well-worn, rubbed white and nearly threadbare. The outline and shape of his cock were clearly visible. My tongue slipped out of my mouth and wet my lip.

''Can'' I asked suddenly. ''Watch me piss?'' he repeated. ''Sure, I guess so.''

I stepped to the side and the sexy man walked over to the trough. He undid his belt and pulled his meat out of his pants. It was hot - big and full even soft as it was, with a big dark big head and a veiny shaft. He took his dick in one hand and aimed it into the trough. A stream of piss shot out, and the sound of it hitting the porcelain and flowing down into the drain was very loud in the big empty restroom.

The man closed his eyes and tilted his head back a little as he pissed. ''Aaahhh...'' he murmured in relief and pleasure. ''Do you want to touch it?'' he asked. He must have realized I wanted more than just to watch him.

''Yes,'' I said simply. ''Then go ahead,'' was his response. Before he'd even finished the sentence I'd reached out and grasped that succulent piece of meat in my hand.

''You like that?'' the trucker asked. ''Yeah...'' I whispered. ''You like holding my big fat cock.'' ''Yeah...''

He turned to face me, letting me continue to hold his dick in my hand. I could feel it start to get hard. It was such a great feeling, so hot. ''But you want to do more than hold it, don't you?'' the man asked. I couldn't hide how I felt.

''Yes,'' I said. ''Then do it.'' he told me. ''Get down on your knees and suck it like you want to.''

I obeyed him and dropped down to my knees in front of him. Opening my mouth and closing my eyes, I felt the sexy man shove his cock between my lips. I closed my mouth around it, thrilling to the feeling of it lengthening inside me, filling me up with its strength and power.

He started face-fucking me, pushing his dick deep into my mouth, then pulling it back until it was almost all the way out, then shoving it back in again. I didn't care if someone walked in - I didn't care about the hard floor digging into my knees - I didn't even care that my own stiff cock was staining my underwear with new pre-cum and begging to be stroked - all that mattered right then and there was sucking this man's dick and doing it as well as I could.

''MMM...that's great,'' he growled above me. His voice moved through me, and it was as if my blood responded to his pleasure, heating up and rushing faster through my veins. I wanted to push him over the edge, to make him feel better than he ever had before!

''I'm gonna come, man,'' he said, ''you ready for me to shoot?'' I took my mouth off his cock to answer him.

''Yes, please!'' I said. ''I want to see you come!''

I put my face back down between his legs and started licking his balls. They smelled fantastic - sweaty and musky from their owner's day of driving. They tasted just as good, and I massaged them with my tongue, even gently taking one ball into my mouth to roll it lovingly inside. As I did this the trucker jerked himself off, pumping his cock in his fist. Suddenly he shifted a little, and aimed his dick into the piss-trough. ''This is it!'' he said. ''I'm coming, man!''

''Go for it!'' I said, and as I licked his ball-sack again I felt the churning liquid inside heat up and shoot down his shaft on its way out of his cock. The trucker grunted gutturally as he came, and I turned my head enough to watch his bursts of spunk jet into the trough. His body shuddered for a few seconds, then he was done. He stuffed his cock back in his pants and zipped them up.

''That was fuckin' awesome,'' he said. I stood up, rubbing my own dick through my shorts.

''You're a stud,'' I said, ''you're fucking awesome!'' ''You getting' back on the road tonight?'' he asked me. ''I was going to jerk off then catch a few hours of sleep first,'' I said. ''Why?''[-split-] The trucker suddenly looked embarrassed and almost shy. I love it when men let themselves be vulnerable, it turns me on. ''It's okay, man,'' I reassured him. ''What is it?'' ''Well,'' he said, ''you seem like a nice guy...'' ''Yeah?'' ''I've been on the road for almost two weeks now, and my girlfriend back home, well, she -'' ''Stopped sleeping with you?'' I finished. The guy looked very surprised that I'd guessed right.

''Yeah,'' he said, ''I don't know what her problem is.'' ''So you haven't been getting your rocks off.'' I said. ''That's true,'' he said, ''but there's more to it.'' ''What?'' I asked. Suddenly the trucker looked angry, and pointed at me.

''If you ever tell anyone about this I'll find you and kick your fucking ass in the dirt, you understand?'' I put up my hands, laughing.

''Whoa!'' I said. ''Take it easy! Who would I tell? This is just between us.'' ''Okay,'' he said. ''The best part of sex for me, after coming, of course, is the part after, when I got to hold her.'' He paused, as if waiting for me to say something, but I just looked at him, listening.

''And tonight there's no chicks around,'' he continued, ''and I was wondering, since you're probably a fag -'' ''Gay.'' I interrupted. ''What?'' ''Not fag. Gay. Don't say fag, especially if you want me to help you out tonight.''

He looked surprised, but nodded and continued. ''I figured since you're gay you might...'' he trailed off. ''Might what?'' I prompted him. ''Say it. It's cool to say it.'' ''Let me hold you for a while,'' the trucker finished without meeting my eyes. ''I've got a sleep compartment in my rig.''

I smiled at him.

''How about you get me off,'' I said, ''and then you can hold me all fucking night.'' ''Sounds good,'' he said, ''but I've got some buddies out there. How can I get you to my truck without them knowing what we're doin'?'' ''Tell you what,'' I said, ''you take care of me, and I'll take care of that.''

I told him my idea for how to get me to his truck without arousing suspicion from his friends outside, and he agreed it was a good plan. Then the trucker took me into one of the bathroom stalls to fulfill his part of the bargain.

Once we were inside the stall with the door closed, he grabbed me and held me tightly, my back against his chest. His left arm was wrapped around my middle, pressing me against him. His right hand grabbed my crotch through my shorts and I jerked in surprise.

''What --?'' I started to say, but the trucker clamped his left hand over my mouth and I shut up instantly.

''Sshhhh...'' he said softly in my ear. ''Keep quiet, little gay boy. I don't want to share you with anyone else.'' My cock flexed and stiffened under his hand, and the trucker rubbed it through my shorts. Despite the order to be quiet, I couldn't prevent a little moan from escaping my lips, ''This is just what you need, isn't it, gay boy?'' he whispered. ''You need a real man to take care of you and get your rocks off, isn't that right?'' I nodded my head and said ''Yes sir'' even though it was muffled by his hand over my mouth. The trucker stuck his right hand down into my shorts and grabbed my cock and balls in his fist and squeezed them.

''You need to get fucked, gay boy?'' he asked as he started to jack my dick. It was intense and wild, jerked off by a total stranger in a restroom off the open highway in the middle of the night. I nodded my head again. ''If I take my hand off your mouth you gonna be quiet?'' ''Yes sir!'' I said into his hand, and he took it off my mouth, letting it drop until it found my left nipple and pinched it hard. With his right hand he continued to play with my cock, squeezing it and jerking it. ''I'm gonna take you back to my truck, gay boy,'' he said, ''and I'm gonna fuck you long and hard.''

I nodded my head enthusiastically, remembering again his warning for silence. It felt so fucking good to be in his power this way, to be his prisoner. The heat in my balls was burning, and soon enough I couldn't hold back anymore.

I shuddered in the trucker's arms and he aimed my dick into the toilet bowl. My climax roared through me, and squirts of come shot out of my cock.

''Yeah,'' he said, ''that's it, gay boy, you need a real man to take care of you, don't you?''

I nodded again, even though I was dying to yell with the pleasure he was causing me. He held me until I stopped quivering, then stuffed my cock and balls back into my shorts. Then he opened the stall door and led me out in the empty bathroom. When there was enough room to turn around, he faced me with a grin on his unshaven face.

As we had agreed, he leaned down toward me and I let myself fall forward over his shoulder. He grabbed onto my legs and lifted me up, hoisting me like a sack of potatoes until he was standing straight up and had me slung over his shoulder.

''You okay?'' he asked me. ''I'm good,'' I said. ''Stay real limp so they believe you're unconscious,'' he told me. ''Yes sir,'' I said, closing my eyes. The trucker carried me out of the bathroom into the cool night air. He was strong - having a 160 pound man over his shoulder didn't slow him down a bit.

It felt good to be carried like that, with his arms holding my legs tight so I wouldn't fall. In some way it was - intimate, I guess. Even though what we were doing was technically play-acting, it was still cool to be carried by this sexy stud.

With my eyes shut I couldn't see anything, of course, but I could hear the sound of the trucker's footsteps on the concrete, and the sound of several men talking that got louder as we got closer to them. ''Hey, Jim!'' one of the guys said, and we stopped. ''What the hell is this?'' a second voice asked.

''Found him out cold in the bathroom,'' my trucker said, whose name I guessed was Jim.

''Got any money on him?'' a third man asked. ''Fuck you,'' Jim said, ''I'm not a thief,'' ''Want me to call the cops on my radio?'' the first man said. ''No,'' said my trucker, ''I'm gonna let him sleep in my rig 'til he wakes up. He might be on the run or something. I want to hear his story before I call the cops.''

''He got a knife or anything on him? Might be a crazy fuckin' drug addict.'' ''No,'' Jim said, adjusting me on his shoulder. ''He's clean. I can handle him, don't worry.''

''Okay, man,'' the second guy said. ''You gonna catch some Zs yourself?'' ''Maybe. I want to head out early.'' ''Cool. Later then.'' The truckers exchanged good-byes, then Jim started walking again. After a few steps he stopped, and I heard the sound of him fishing his keys out of his pocket.

He unlocked and opened a door, then lugged me up and into what I figured was his truck. It smelled like him, thick and male, with a trace of sweat and something else that was probably beer. Jim walked a few short steps, opened another door, then took me inside and set me down on a soft surface. I was a little sorry that the carrying was over, but I knew what was coming was going to be even better.

I heard Jim walk back and close and lock all the doors he'd brought me through. Then he came back into the compartment he'd stashed me in and snapped on a dim light.

''They bought it,'' he said, ''it's cool, no one can see us.'' I opened my eyes.

The sleeping area of Jim's truck wasn't very big, and the ''bed'' itself would be tight for two men, but it would be okay. There was more than enough room for what we had in mind.

''Are you going to fuck me now?'' I asked, and Jim smirked. ''Well I sure as shit didn't carry you all this way to talk about art,'' he said, and we both laughed. ''Take your clothes off.''

I obeyed him and slipped out of my shorts and T-shirt and kicked my shoes off. The trucker pulled his outer flannel shirt off to reveal two nice pecs clearly showing through a thin undershirt, framed by suspenders. He unlaced his boots and took them off, leaving his socks on. I lay on the bed, naked, looking up at the rough stud who'd carried me like I weighed no more than a bag of laundry.

Everything about him was exciting me.

The dust on his cheeks, the sweat stains on his undershirt from driving all day, the way his cock and balls hung low in his briefs when he unhooked his suspenders and let his dirty jeans fall and stepped out of them.[-split-] My cock got hard when I looked in his eyes and saw his hunger for me. Jim pulled his undershirt off and I was hit by the odor released by this. It was like him - striking, musky, undeniably erotic. His chest was hair, his pecs crowned with big dark nipples. His stomach was flat and hard. His whole torso was tanned golden brown - I imagined him driving long sunny days with his shirt off, or fishing shirtless on his days off. Below his tan-line he was just as sexy. From his bush of dark pubic hair grew his penis - long, hard, veiny, the big foreskin pulled back from the flared red head.

I resisted leaning forward and devouring it again as I had before he'd brought me here. I resisted because I knew getting fucked by him was going to be even better than giving him a blowjob.

''You look good enough to eat,'' the trucker said, ''I like the way you look up at me.'' ''You look fucking awesome!'' I said. ''I need you to fuck me.'' ''Yeah?'' Jim said. ''You need me to pile-drive my big cock into your little gay boy butt?'' ''Yes,'' I said, ''please!'' ''Beg me,'' he said with a grin.

I turned over on my back and spread my legs wide for him.

''Come on, man!'' I pleaded. ''I NEED you inside me! I need you to ram me, stud! Come on, please, PLEASE, pound me, pork me, take me, FUCK ME!'' ''Now THAT'S what I like to hear!'' he said and climbed up on top of the bed. My whole body tingled and vibrated with excitement as the naked trucker crawled between my legs.

I fished a condom out of the pocket of my shorts and tore it open quickly. The trucker said nothing as I unrolled the latex sheath over his formidable meat and squeezed some lubricant on it from a travel-sized tube in my other pocket.

We were ready. ''You set, gay boy?'' Jim asked me. ''Yes, sir!'' I said, and he got in between them and rested my feet on his shoulders.

I knew this man wasn't going to be big on romantic foreplay, so I just prepared myself for a direct assault. The trucker took his cock in his hand and aimed it until it was pressed against my asshole. I took a deep breath and willed my whole body to relax and receive him.

It worked a little, but when he thrust himself into me it still hurt. But the pain was accompanied by pleasure that was sharp and bright in its intensity.

''Oh fuck yeah...'' the man inside me said, closing his eyes as my asshole gripped his dick and held it with ecstasy. Jim fucked me hard then, shoving himself into me savagely. It was painful and wonderful at the same time. ''Aw...'' he growled. ''Nothin' like a little gay boy ass,'' ''That's right, man,'' I encouraged him. ''Fuck me like you want to fuck your girlfriend! Long and hard and deep, go on, I can take it!'' ''Feels so fuckin' good!'' he said.

''Yeah, stud,'' I answered, '''cause you're so fucking hot!'' His thrusts got longer and faster, and I had to anchor myself against the wall behind my head with my hands or he'd have thrown me all over the bed with the passion of his fucking.

My cock was erect and dripping from the incredible ordeal it was enduring. It was amazing to feel this way, to be reamed and pummeled by a real man, a trucker stud like Jim!

''I'm gonna come soon, gay boy,'' he said breathlessly. ''Me too,'' I moaned.

I thought about how he'd looked earlier, leaning against the wall of the bathroom, his big fat cock clearly visible through his jeans. I thought about sucking that dick, feeling his manhood and power inside me. I thought about him carrying me, how he'd slung me over his shoulder and carried me like I weighed no more than a kid.

But most of all I thought about that exact moment, the sensation of this man making rough love to me, screwing me, fucking me like I'd never been fucked before.

And I came.

My load of spunk shot out of my cock in milky ropes that landed on my chest and abdomen. My orgasm hit me then, blooming inside me like an explosive flower of ecstasy. I felt my asshole contract, tightly clenching around the trucker's thrusting dick.

''Oh fuck YEAH!'' he said, and I imagined the pleasure of the contraction sending him over the edge as my butt held him in its grasp of bliss. ''I'm coming, gay boy!'' he groaned above me.

''Do it, man!'' I urged him, ''Give me everything you've got!'' The trucker's next groan was wordless, an animal cry of passion, and with a final thrust I knew he was shooting his load deep inside me. I took it all, gratefully, wanting all he had, wanting to give him as much pleasure as I could.

Jim's hands gripped my upper arms, his fingers digging in. In that moment I didn't care about pain. All I could think of was pleasing him, making him feel better than he ever had.

And I thought, just maybe, that I had.

The trucker collapsed on top of me, the last waves of his orgasm washing over him and through him.

We laid that way for a while, so long I thought he might've fallen asleep. But then the trucker grunted and raised himself up, pulling his cock out of my butt, which felt suddenly empty without it. With my eyes closed I heard him snap the condom off. Then there was the sensation of something rough and dry on my chest, and I realized that he was wiping my spunk off of me.

When he was done he turned off the light in the sleeping compartment and got back in bed with me. With his strong arms the trucker pulled me close, my back to his chest. He wrapped those arms around me and held me tightly. There was no need for words.

I snuggled against him and rested my head on my pillow. Only then did I suddenly remember how tired I was, and I fell asleep almost immediately, the reassuring feeling of Jim's big soft cock against my butt cheeks. The next morning I woke up early.

The trucker was still asleep, snoring quietly with a smile of contentment on his face. I got up slowly and carefully so as not to wake him. I moved my pillow into the space I had occupied, and he held it tightly as if it were me.

I quietly made my way back to the truck's cab, and let myself out of the passenger door, locking it behind me.

Walking back to my car, I took a deep breath of fresh morning air and was ready for the new day. A few moments later I drove out of the truck stop and headed back toward the freeway entrance, where the open highway was waiting for me.

Rating : 6.93, Votes : 45 7 reviews.
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Posted by Bill at 19-Mar-2008 14:56.
Good story....I only wish I had an experience like this. HOT!

Posted by rob at 24-Apr-2008 00:08.
i would have finished this story off a litle different.i stirred before my trucker and reached for the latch on the cab door and exited the sleeper,stepped outside and realized i had to piss.his big rig was the only one there so instead of walking to the piss house,i stood beside the rig,fished out my cockand it was as hard as a rock.i tried to will it soft so i could release my wouldn't go soft so i started to stroke it to cum and then i could pee.before i could cum,my trucker stepped out beside me and took his cock out and then he reached for my cock and i reached for his and we stoked each other off to a cum.shortly after we held each others pissing,what a turn on.after squezing out the last drops and shaking the shafts,we went our seperate ways and back on the highway.

Posted by pete at 16-Jul-2010 07:02.
man thanks for that story you got me all hot n horny,if only i could find a dude like that trucker

Posted by Scotty at 13-Aug-2011 04:08.
Dude , that was one hot Fuckin story. Read it at my desk at work. As soon as my dick goes soft I'm going to the John to jack off, thanks

Posted by michael at 16-Aug-2011 16:01.
I wish I could meet such a trucker! thanks for the story

Posted by Gary k at 13-Dec-2011 01:36.
This isn't writing, it's typing. This story is not only badly written, it's not even believable. If you are going to write gay fiction then at least use some attention to detail. There are no truck stops ANYWHERE that is a huge bathroom with a convenience store that has with a sign indicating 'truck stop'. Bad story- hardly believable. Don't quit your day job.

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